Pond Pioneer School Programme

The rollout of Pond continues with the launch of the Pioneer School programme, an exclusive programme that allows schools to get their entire staff into Pond.

The Pioneer School programme allows N4L to get a whole school perspective and understand what happens when an entire school’s teaching community uses Pond. This feedback will be considered alongside the individual user feedback received from Pioneer Educators to further shape Pond in preparation for providing access to the wider education community.

Schools taking part in the Pioneer Schools programme will benefit from:

  • Getting all staff into Pond now
  • The principal and one additional staff member being provided with hands on and face-to-face training, empowering them to lead their school into Pond
  • A flexible and easy-to-use programme to be implemented in school
  • A simplified and N4L-supported sign up process – no paper forms or access codes for staff
  • Having access to helpful data about the uptake of Pond amongst staff – giving the principal and other leaders insight into how technology is adopted by staff and the ability to focus on supporting specific areas of need and rewarding positive examples
  • Being able to connect with other schools taking part in the Pioneer Schools programme
  • All staff having an increased ability to share best practices and discover resources faster and more efficiently via Pond
  • Being acknowledged as early adopters of Pond – all staff will be recognised in Pond by “Pioneer School” badges on their profile

N4L is currently working with three schools in an advisory capacity to help develop the programme for Pioneer Schools; Taupaki School, Te Puke High School and Newmarket School.

An additional 16 schools have been selected to take part in the Pioneer School programme. These schools offer a mix of urban, rural, secondary, intermediate, primary, large, small, and high percentage of priority learners.  A full list of the participating schools can be found here.

What’s involved in being a Pioneer School

The six-week Pioneer School programme will take place during Term 3.

Schools participating in the Pioneer School programme have made a commitment to get all of their staff into Pond. Guided by the principal or nominated Pioneer School Lead (the staff member who will be sharing the lead on Pond’s implementation), the whole staff will participate in a series of directed activities.The principal and/or delegated Pioneer School Lead will also work with N4L on a week-to-week basis via online and face-to-face meetings through which training is delivered and feedback is given. A detailed breakdown of the Pioneer School programme can be viewed here.

Participating schools have committed their Principal and School Lead to attend an introductory session in either Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or Rotorua.  These sessions will prepare these school leaders with the tools they need to implement a programme of development with their staff.