YouTube: The Power is Yours!

YouTube: The Power is Yours!

I use YouTube. A lot. I’m guessing you do as well. If not, who are you? And what are you doing online? Seriously, I’ve just completed an unofficial poll in my head which confirms that 90% of educators think YouTube is a handy tool in the classroom. Let’s assume this... read more

HELP! I Need Somebody

Disclaimer: The Helpdesk crew are a modest bunch and won’t like this post – they’re the type of people that just get on and get the job done and don’t like talking about themselves. They’re just good people. ….. We all need a little help sometimes.... read more

Warning: May contain traces of nuts.

Facts: Web extensions save lives (I use the term ‘facts’ very loosely). Recently a web extension installed by a school user was hijacked to redirect YouTube advertising to pornographic content. A hijacked extension applied to one device is capable of impacting... read more

The Key To Security

My first job out of school was an administrator role at a local hospital (bear with me, I do have a point). I was excited about my new job because the money it promised would pay for my ‘new’ (read ‘old’) car – and the new mag wheels I had just acquired for it.... read more

How I learned to stop worrying and love eLearning

Earlier this month I wrote a blog post for Safer Internet Day (SID), it was a good article the best blog. Honestly, it was very good (#trumpetblowing). You can read it here. But in my haste to advocate the importance of making the internet safer, I failed to introduce... read more

Safer Internet Day 2017

SID Theme: Be the change: unite for a better internet. ‘Safer Internet Day’ (SID ‘17) is an opportunity for schools, and the organisations that support them, to reflect on how we can make the internet a safer place for students. But don’t be fooled, it’s not all... read more

Helping Schools with Cyber Security

Last week the Ministry of Education (MOE) sent a message to schools suggesting they take action to mitigate the risks of their servers being affected by cyber security threats. Cyber security is an ongoing challenge which requires continuous vigilance, education and... read more

Understanding & Managing DDoS Attacks

Here at N4L we aim to ensure connections are working well for all schools using the Managed Network. However, events can happen that disrupt the network. These events range from hardware failures (e.g. power cuts in specific geographic areas) or fibre cuts, to... read more

Creating Tags in Pond

Pond has always supported a range of ways for users to find, organise, and share resources. Though tags have been a part of Pond since it was first launched, users are starting to find new and exciting ways to use them to make Pond more personal, and more powerful.... read more

My time at #EducampWelly

Last Saturday a few of us from N4L’s Wellington-based team had the pleasure to attend EducampWelly at Karori Normal School (with huge thanks to Rebekah Nathan and the teachers of the Kereru block for letting us invade your space) along with nearly 100 other... read more