Pond has always supported a range of ways for users to find, organise, and share resources.

Though tags have been a part of Pond since it was first launched, users are starting to find new and exciting ways to use them to make Pond more personal, and more powerful.  Tags can make it really easy to bring people and ideas together: they’re easy to search for, and anyone can tag resources in Pond as they go.

Buckets are a great way for one person to organise resources, but often educators are working across boundaries with other users from across the country. Because anyone can add a tag, they’re incredibly powerful for collaboration. It’s easy for users to tag items as they’re browsing. Just typing a relevant tag in the box makes a resource more searchable forever.

Some examples of how tags are already helping Kiwi educators in Pond include:

  • Team2016
    The start of the year saw the launch of the Team2016 tag, the first collaborative tag project. Pond users were invited to contribute to a pool of shared resources that educators around New Zealand could use to help them start their year. Simply by adding the ‘Team2016’ Tag to any appropriate resources, users could contribute to the pool of helpful start-of-year content that could be easily found with a search.
  • SeaWeek Provider Partnership
    SeaWeek was another collaborative tag project, this time in partnership with the Science Learning Hub. Science Learning Hub have always curated exceptional collections of Buckets in Pond, but they were just as excited about inviting every Pond user to use the SeaWeek tag to create a truly collaborative science resource. Any time users searched for the SeaWeek tag, they saw all the resources tagged by Science Learning Hub, and the wider community of Pond users.
  • Tags for events
    Most recently the team at the Wellington Educamp used the ‘WellyEd’ tag in Pond just the same way they used it in their social media channels. The great thing about using tags for events is that the great ideas that people pick up on-the-go are available after the event has finished, which is when great ideas are really put to use! The ‘WellyEd’ tag in Pond has everything from details about the event, to Google Docs and presentations that were shown on the day.
  • Tags for teams
    Anyone can create a tag that helps them connect in unique and personalised ways: Collaborative resources for curriculum teams, bringing parents on a shared journey, bringing wider school clusters together over shared research and readings – the possibilities for tags are endless!

As always, the Pond team are creating some new features this year that will see tags used to connect educators and ideas in new and exciting ways, and we look forward to sharing more about these as the year progresses! It’s an exciting time for empowering collaboration and connection in education!