Email Filtering

N4L’s Emailing Filtering provides schools with an additional layer of defense against online threats, to support them in creating a safe online environment for students and staff.

It works by preventing spam, viruses and other online threats from being delivered via email, similar to the way web filtering blocks threats sent over the web.

N4L’s Email Filtering applies to all email – both incoming and outgoing – so not only are users protected from incoming threats, they’re also protected from spreading any threats that make their way onto their own computer, limiting the impact on others should a computer at school become affected by a virus in an email.

When an email is sent, N4L’s Email Filtering inspects that email using a unique ‘scoring system’ to identify if it is safe (or if it could be harmful), and acts accordingly:

  • Safe Email – Email is delivered, unchanged, to the recipient’s inbox as normal
  • Potential Spam – Email is delivered, but arrives with a “potential spam” label, so the recipient can choose if they want to open it or delete it
  • Spam – Email is blocked and does not get delivered to the recipient

Whilst N4L’s Email Filtering is available to all schools using N4L’s Managed Network as part of their funded connection package, only those schools hosting their own email server which does not already have an in-built email filtering tool will benefit. To find out if N4L’s Email Filtering could be right for your school contact N4L’s Helpdesk.