To help our schools build safe online environments for learning, we’ve adjusted our default filtering settings for all Managed Network users.

These 14 categories will now be blocked for all schools by default, once they have received the new Fortigate cyber security hardware that is part of the nationwide Managed Network upgrade. The 14 categories represent websites hosting inappropriate and malicious content.

Schools are asked to sign a waiver if they want to opt out of one or more of the default categories used to block websites hosting inappropriate and malicious content.

Of course a school can choose to block many more categories (like social media and Netflix) and we help them fine-tune their filtering settings to meet their needs.

Our tools are free, with schools remaining in control as to which tools they choose to use.

Internet safety and security is a top priority for N4L and we work continuously with our technology partners to ensure our filtering and firewall solutions are fit for purpose, and designed with the future in mind.
For more information on how our filtering works, you can check out our Managed Network Product Terms, which explain the opt-out conditions around the new default settings.