After many months of work behind the scenes we are excited to announce the introduction of Tahi, N4L’s identity and access management system!

Tahi brings together schools, Student Management System (SMS) providers and online application providers together in an ecosystem designed to simplify the provisioning and use of online education applications.

This short video we’ve created provides a nice and simple explanation:

From today, Tahi is in pilot phase with a select group of schools, SMS Partners and providers of Tahi Enabled Apps. Participating schools are acting in a testing capacity, helping us refine the product in preparation for a full launch in mid-2016. Applications included in the trial include DB Primary, Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Pond and N4L’s Web Filtering, with many others to be added before launch.

When Tahi is launched next year, it will be available to all schools connected the N4L Managed Network and – just like the Managed Network and Pond – Tahi will be fully-funded! Schools will continue to purchase their own subscriptions and licences to online applications, and once this is done they will then be able to provision the application for students quickly and easy using Tahi.  

Throughout the pilot phase we will be working to bring more SMS Partners on board and grow the number of Tahi Enabled Apps, and the pilot may be extended to more schools as this happens.

You can find out more about Tahi at