Managed Network ‘To the School’

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What’s included – Safe & Secure Internet

To help protect tamariki online while at school, we recommend using our Safe & Secure internet – which is endorsed by our partners Netsafe and CERT NZ. Together the services below strengthen a school’s protection online by providing multiple layers of defence against online threats and inappropriate content.

Web Filtering

Helps to protect tamariki online by restricting access to inappropriate content. To be Safe & Secure, there are 14 default categories that schools need to block to strengthen this protection against inappropriate content and online threats. Filtering can also be customised for each school depending on their needs.

Safe Search

This additional benefit allows schools to filter out adult content in search results from Google, Yahoo! and Bing. We enable it two ways; through Threat Protection and the Firewall.

Threat Protection

Acts as an additional safety net to help block unwanted content and minimise the impact of online threats (such as malware, ransomware, phishing scams and VPNs) to a school’s internet connection. We ask schools to have this enabled to be Safe & Secure.

DDoS Protection

We also provide built-in protection to help prevent DDoS attacks impacting schools which is when the network gets bombarded from lots of different places, causing it to crash.


Provides protections that helps prevent online threats and malicious activity reaching the school. It acts as a wall between the internet and the school’s network, assessing content to determine if it’s acceptable or not. Schools can set up their own rules to protect their network, but there are four specific settings that we ask schools to apply to be Safe & Secure.

Want more protection?

To protect tamariki online even further, schools can choose to add these additional options to their N4L internet connection.

Enhanced Filtering

Significantly increase Provides additional protection against inappropriate content and threats by implementing HTTPS Inspection. It allows schools to block searches and websites which feature defined keywords.

Anytime, anywhere access

Secure Remote Access gives kaiako a secure way of accessing the school’s onsite systems, so they can work from anywhere, anytime.

Greater visibility

Identity Awareness allows schools to identify and manage tamariki and kaiako online while using the Managed Network. It also gives schools the ability to view online usage data down to an individual level.

Stay connected

N4L’s Mail Relay lets schools keep in touch with their parent community, by enabling them to send large volumes of emails. It also provides an additional layer of spam and virus protection.

Get the Safe & Secure Tick


Our Safe & Secure Tick is how schools can show they’re making the most of N4L’s fully funded Safe & Secure internet. Having the tick means the school’s online learning environment and the tamariki using it, are protected by N4L from the worst of the web.

How to get the Safe & Secure Tick

To get the tick, schools need to be using N4L’s Safe & Secure internet – our recommended setup for all schools, endorsed by our partners Netsafe and CERT NZ. This includes:

Web Filtering

14 default categories that need to be blocked by N4L to prevent access to inappropriate sites and content.

Threat Protection

The first line of defence against online threats, and also lets the school use SafeSearch.


Four specific settings applied so N4L can stop malicious activity and threats from reaching the school’s systems and devices.

It’s important to remember that no solution guarantees 100% protection from online threats and inappropriate content. While we do our best, schools also have a role to play – including promoting digital citizenship, as well as keeping their software and systems up to date.

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