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Secure Website Inspection & Individualised Filtering Deployment Guide

Web Filtering Dashboard
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Web Filtering Dashboard
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2015 Training Webinars Series

If you are implementing Secure Website Inspection and Individualised Filtering on behalf a school using N4L’s Web Filtering, these videos and the Deployment Guide above will provide all the technical information you need to do so.

Webinar 1 – Introduction to Dashboard

Webinar 3 – Individualised Filtering

Webinar 5 – Implementation Case Studies

Webinar 2 – Secure Website Inspection

Webinar 4 – Filtering Design & Reporting

2014 Web Filtering Dashboard Training Videos

As the nominated Web Filtering Administrator you are responsible for managing the Web Filtering Dashboard for your school. Below are a series of video tutorials to help you learn how to carry out key activities required of you as the Administrator, as well as the Training Manual and Quick Reference Sheets (above) to support your training.

1. Web Filtering Overview

3. Inbound Rules

5. Outbound Rules

7. Rules & Policies

9. Customised Reports

2. Designing for Users

4. Bidirectional Filters

6. Creating a Schedule

8. Predefined Reports

10. Troubleshooting