Web Filtering

N4L’s Web Filtering helps schools create a safer online environment for staff and students. Included as part of each school’s Managed Network connection package, N4L’s Web Filtering helps provide a layer defence between students and internet-based threats. Schools remain in control of what happens on the internet by tailoring their web filtering setup to meet their own specific needs.


Web Filtering Dashboard

Schools can set up and manage their own filtering rules and settings using the online Web Filtering Dashboard, and access reports showing online activity on their Managed Network connection. A great way for schools to maintain control of their own needs and be able to action changes quickly, when required.


Category & Rule Selection

Create rules that allow or deny access to online content using pre-set categories, and allow or block specific websites as required. Rules apply to all users accessing the internet over your N4L Managed Network connection.



Review what activity has been occurring across your school’s Managed Network connection. Access predefined reports already set up, or create customised reports in the Web Filtering Dashboard. Information gathered will be a useful tool to support your digital citizenship policy.


Time-based Filtering

Some schools require the flexibility to have different filtering policies applied at different times, and this is simple to incorporate into each school’s web filtering setup.


Active Threat Protection

Drawing on a vast array of cloud-based security services, N4L’s Web Filtering detects and blocks online threats that could otherwise compromise the safety of staff and students (e.g. malware and spyware).


Secure Website Inspection

Filter beyond the secure protocols used by some websites (e.g. Facebook, online banking sites, Google sites) that can’t be reached by the Category & Rule Selection feature, and extend filtering capability to include online content that would otherwise be unable to be filtered.


Individualised Filtering

Ability to personalise internet browsing access for staff and students even further by integrating schools’ existing internal directory structures with N4L’s Web Filtering, enabling rules to be set that apply to specific pre-existing groups within the school’s directory.


Application Control

Allows schools to set up controls over hundreds of popular web applications, including allowing access to a website, but blocking a certain aspect of that site.

Implementation and Integration

All of features available as part of N4L’s Web Filtering are funded as part of each school’s Managed Network connection. However, to use some of the features and enjoy the benefits they provide there may be a level of integration required with each school’s existing infrastructure.

As some of this work will require a high level of technical capability to implement it’s important schools discuss what internal capability and external support options they have, and understand the time and cost implications for implementation. As part of N4L’s support services, training resources will be provided to assist the person or company carrying out the work, and N4L’s specialist transition support team will also provide assistance.

For more information contact N4L’s Helpdesk.

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