Performance Monitoring

An important tool N4L uses to help ensure the health and performance of schools’ Managed Network connections is the Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi is a small computer that gets installed as part of each school’s transition process. It helps N4L diagnose and troubleshoot network related issues so they can be resolved faster and more effectively – often before users are even aware they exist.

Once installed, the Raspberry Pi allows N4L’s technicians to function as if they were at school, in person. They can carry out tests remotely and mirror browsing experiences to help better understand an issue – eliminating the disruption to school staff who would normally be required to carry out this work as well as saving time and money that could be spent organising for a technician to come onsite.

Information gathered from the Raspberry Pi not only helps identify issues with a school’s Managed Network connection, it can also identify issues that they need to address internally. While N4L cannot carry out this work we can provide key information to help resolve the issues quicker, with the help of the school’s IT support person/company.

It’s also worth noting data gathered using the Raspberry Pi is not identifiable to specific individuals, and is used only to monitor and maintain the quality of the connection.