Pond for Educators

Pond is an online community connecting and empowering educators.

If you’re an educator working in a New Zealand school, Pond is the place for you. Discover and share resources, knowledge and experiences all within a supportive and generous environment solely focussed on teaching and learning.

Getting involved in Pond is easy. Anyone can use Pond as a powerful search engine to find resources that support your teaching and learning, but once you’re signed in, Pond becomes a platform for sharing your own content, discovering what other educators are using, and growing your network. By actively participating in groups and discussions, you have the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with the widest group of connected educators in NZ.

Pond has been designed with Kiwi teachers in mind, and how you benefit from being part of Pond is unique to you. Pond is open to all educators registered in New Zealand, or in Initial Teacher Education in New Zealand  and can be accessed using any internet connection.

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