Becoming a Provider gives your organisation, and its offerings to schools, a presence inside Pond.

Engage with, and deliver services to, the education sector – educators will be able to see the services you offer and research more information about your organisation, all in one place.

Check out some of these great benefits

Authentic Engagement

Pond offers you a unique opportunity to authentically and readily engage directly with your audience, in an educational context. Create more conversations and foster closer relationships with people you know are looking for your product or service.

Key Audience Visibility

Becoming a provider in Pond gives your organisation and its offerings a visible presence in Pond. Schools can discover everything about you all in one place.

Grow Your Customer Base

Build your customer base by having a discoverable presence in a community of users known to be part of your target audience. In addition to school leaders and decision makers, build closer relationships with the individual educators using your products or services as well.

Market Insights

Pond gives you the unique ability to see and learn more about how your and your competition’s products and services are used and perceived, by the education sector. Use these valuable insights to refine and target your offerings for increased sales.

Customer Development

Communicate in a deeper education-specific context with people who understand exactly what you’re talking about, allowing you to strengthen your messages and further emphasise the benefits of using your products or services.

Perfect Audience

With Principals and other school leaders, teachers and non-teaching support staff all using Pond to discover what they’re looking for, every user is from your target market. As a provider of content and services to schools your contributions and activity can be seen by your perfect audience.

Check out some of these great features

Email Notifications

Choose to receive email notifications whenever another user engages with your organisation or Pond contributions (e.g. following, comments, likes, adds tags to a contribution).

Tag Your Own Contributions

Increase the discoverability and usability of a contribution by adding tags to guide educators on which age group/s or curriculum subject/s the resources are most relevant for.

Flag Content

Alert the Pond team to any contribution in Pond that you consider to be offensive, irrelevant, owned by you, a potential breach of copyright, or any other reason that causes concern to you or another user. Coming soon.

Unlimited Users

Any number of user accounts (unique email addresses and passwords) for multiple users in your organisation to sign in to Pond and contribute.

Q & A

Ask your own questions and respond to questions asked of you, and actively engage in the resulting discussion. Coming Soon.

Advanced Analytics

Detailed analytics showing anonymous information about users engaging with your contributions and provider profile (geographic area, school, decile, time spent engaging). Coming soon.