N4L’s Firewall helps schools create a safer online environment for staff and students. Included as part of each school’s Managed Network connection package, N4L’s Firewall helps provide a layer defence between students and internet-based threats.


Customised Connection

The size of each school’s firewall is matched to the size of their allocated Managed Network connection, ensures connections perform as they should. As needs change and the size of each school’s connection increases, so too does the firewall.


Integrated with N4L’s Web Filtering

N4L’s Firewall is integrated with N4L’s Web Filtering service, meaning users at school do not have to modify any settings on their devices for filtering settings and protection to apply.


Customised Firewall Rules

Schools can set up specific and customised firewall rules that reflect the structure of their internal networks, allowing different rules to be set for different groups of users.


Quality of Service

N4L’s Firewall ensures that online traffic is prioritised correctly, to ensure the best possible online experience for students and staff.