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An Identity and Access Management Solution for Schools

At N4L, we know there are many high-quality online education applications out there. But schools tell us that signing up a class and managing logins can be fiddly and time-consuming. If you are using several different apps it’s that much harder. So we have designed a digital service to simplify the use of educational apps. We call it “Tahi” (the Māori word for “one”), because it gives students and teachers access to as many online educational apps as their school wants them to use via a single login and password. And users’ Tahi identities last throughout their school career, even when they change schools.


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Tahi works by using information from a school’s SMS to create a single identity for each student and school staff member. They can then use this identity to log into the apps the school has chosen to enable. Apps that can be accessed using Tahi identities are listed here. We expect to see more apps added to this list soon!

Ease & accessibility: Tahi makes it easier for schools to use your app, as it reduces the complexity of setting up and managing student logins. Once N4L links Tahi to your app, schools can access it immediately with their Tahi login – making it simpler for you to work with schools.

Helps schools discover & use your app: When your app is configured with Tahi, it’s placed in the Tahi online catalogue. This increases visibility to schools, making it easy for them to discover and use your app.

Better understanding of your users: As Tahi identities are pre-populated with user data, your app can leverage the Tahi API to gain access to user information immediately. Allowing a better understanding of  users before they log in and enabling the creation of rich personalised experiences.

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