Important Information

Security and privacy
A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) was carried out for Tahi and the SMS Extender which considered any privacy implications. A summary of the results of the PIA can be found here. For further information please contact the helpdesk on 0800 532 764 or

What data is available to applications
Application providers will be able to access only the level of information they need to enable a user to fully utilise their app. Each application provider will request an integration level and will need to supply a suitable justification to access that level of information.

Terms and conditions
Click here for Tahi’s terms and conditions.
Click here for the SMS Extender terms and conditions.

What is the SMS extender?

To ensure the information in a school’s Student Management System remains private and secure, Tahi accesses data from the SMS via an “SMS Extender”, a separate holding tank for the set of user information needed. The SMS Extender holds only the most recent information (it is updated every day from the SMS) and it creates a “Tahi identity” for each user, so the source data from the SMS is not available to N4L, any application providers, or any other user.