Managed Network Rollout

N4L Managed Network Rollout Map

Schools connecting in Phase Two of the rollout of N4L’s Managed Network may not have an existing IT company or it may be their current IT company is not “N4L-approved” and funded to transition schools.

In either case N4L will appoint an N4L-approved IT support company to each of these schools to carry out the transition work and get them up and running using the network. These schools will likely be offered a connection in early-mid 2015, and N4L will contact these schools directly.

Criteria for being offered a connection

To be offered a connection to the Managed Network a school must:

  • Have access to UFB, RBI or third party fibre that is used by N4L and is ‘ready for service’; and
  • Require a connection size from N4L that is currently available; and
  • Be willing to work with an N4L-approved company appointed by N4L

Based on the current rollout approach schools sitting outside this criteria will not be offered a connection until late 2015 or 2016.


Throughout the rollout N4L will continually review schools that meet the above criteria. Should this list reflect a bias toward a particular demographic N4L will step in and ensure a greater balance of schools are represented.