Connection Schedule

N4L Managed Network Rollout Map


More than 700 schools will be connected to N4L’s managed network in 2014. Schools that have relationships with N4L-approved IT support companies, or that have internal capability to manage their transition, will be considered for an N4L connection in 2014.

N4L’s philosophy is to make the biggest difference to the greatest number of schools in the shortest amount of time, while maintaining a level of balance.

Criteria for 2014

Schools wanting to connect to N4L in 2014 must:

  • Have an existing relationship with a N4L-approved IT support company that can assist with the transition to N4L’s managed network, or have in-house technical capability to do it themselves.
  • Currently have access to UFB or RBI that is ‘ready for service.’

Using information gathered from the completed registrations, N4L will review the schools that meet the above criteria. Should this list reflect a bias toward a particular demographic we will step in and ensure a greater balance of schools are represented in 2014.

To ensure we provide equitable access to the managed network, schools being connected will represent a range of deciles, roll sizes, ethnicities and geographic areas.

This may mean that some schools are manually added to the 2014 rollout schedule if the list generated using the above criteria does not result in a balanced selection of schools. These schools will be assigned a N4L-approved IT support company whose work will be funded by N4L.