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An enhanced level of email protection for your school

Strengthen your defence against online threats

Email is the most common way people are targeted for online attacks. To help protect schools and kura from the increasing number of email-based cyber threats, we offer an industry-leading inbound Email Protection solution. Any school, regardless of size, can be a potential target to attacks and should have increased levels of protection in place.

Email Protection provides an enhanced level of email security and added peace of mind. It’s fully funded for eligible schools by the Ministry of Education and it works together with schools’ existing Microsoft or Google email services.

Should an email-related incident arise, you’ll get a faster, more efficient response from our team. Take a look at an example of this in action.

Want to know more about how Email Protection can help protect your school? Watch our video to learn how our team of experts helped resolve a security incident at an Auckland college recently.

Safeguard sensitive information

Help protect systems and sensitive information from email-based threats by having an additional layer of security.

Peace of mind

Feel reassured knowing your ākonga and kaiako have advanced protection from malicious emails.

Beef up your online security

Email Protection is an easy, effective way of improving your school’s cybersecurity posture.

“It was a very quick and painless process. The whole thing has been seamless and easy. Thanks.”
Stephen Johnston
Pakuranga Intermediate School

What are the benefits of Email Protection?

Adds an additional layer of email security, which uses advanced threat detection to block malicious emails before they reach inboxes.

Proactively blocks the most common types of email-based threats, including Business Email Compromise scams, phishing attacks, ransomware and advanced malware.

Works together with your school’s current Google or Microsoft email system – you can find out more about how this works here.

Should an email-based issue arise, you’ll be able to get a faster, more efficient response from our team.

It’s an industry-leading email solution provided by Proofpoint, a global leader in email security.

It’s simple to implement and it’s fully funded by the Ministry of Education for eligible schools and kura.

How does it work with my Microsoft or Google email service?

You can view an example of how Email Protection works with Microsoft and Google here.

When emails are sent to school addresses, our Email Protection platform intercepts these to scan for security risks and filter out malicious emails.

The remaining emails are passed on to the school’s Google or Microsoft email service, which filter out further emails based on their respective settings.

Safe emails are delivered to school users’ inboxes.                                                                    

“Was very easy…didn’t really have to do much at all!”
Tracey Schumacher
Mangatawhiri School

It’s quick and easy to set up

We remotely work with you or your IT provider to set up Email Protection, and there’s no impact to your school’s internet or email services while it’s being put in place. If you’re keen to go ahead, simply reach out to our Customer Support team at [email protected] or call us on 0800 LEARNING. First you’ll need to complete an Agreement to Proceed (ATP) form, and we’ll then schedule an implementation date with you.


Have questions?

Check out our FAQs on Support Hub to see if the answer you’re looking for is there. If not, please reach out to us – we’re happy to chat about what Email Protection means for your school.

Keen to learn more?

If you’d like to learn more about Email Protection, check out our latest flyer. It may also be helpful to share this with relevant staff members.

A-Z of Cybersecurity

Have you been hearing some cybersecurity terms recently and you’re not sure what they mean? Our team has put together a handy list of terms so you have a one-stop shop of definitions.

We’re here if you need more information about getting Email Protection for your school.