Safety & Security Solutions

Our safety & security solutions help keep your school, staff and ākonga safe online. Together they strengthen your defence against online threats and improve your ability to prevent access to inappropriate content – giving you confidence when it comes to digital learning.

We’ve optimised these services specifically for schools here in Aotearoa, so you’re getting the best tech available to help protect ākonga online. We make sure they continue to protect against evolving online threats – meaning it’s one less thing for schools to worry about.

To protect schools from the increasing number of cyber threats, we’re rolling out a new industry-leading Email Protection solution. Fully funded by the Ministry of Education, it gives eligible schools an enhanced level of email security and added peace of mind. Take a look at our FAQs.

Protect against the worst of the web

We make it simple for a school to have a baseline level of protection against online threats and inappropriate content. We do this through our Safe & Secure Internet, which comes with the following elements and a number of recommended settings, to help ensure your school’s safety.



This acts as a wall between the internet and the school’s network, allowing the good stuff through, and keeping the bad stuff out. The firewall prevents a great deal of online threats and malicious activity from reaching school systems and devices.

Web Filtering

Helps prevent staff and students from accessing inappropriate content. We can block entire categories of content (e.g. games), specific websites, particular apps and unwanted VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). Filtering rules can be customised for your school.

DDoS Protection

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is when a network gets deliberately bombarded causing it to slow down or crash, preventing users from accessing resources on the network or the network itself. DDoS protection identifies and mitigates malicious DDoS activity before it impacts your school. It’s included with every school’s connection

DNS Threat Protection

An extra layer of protection that helps block unwanted content and minimises the impact of online threats (such as malware, ransomware, phishing scams and VPNs) by preventing access to malicious websites. It also enables SafeSearch to filter out adult content in search results from Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

It’s important to remember that there’s no way to guarantee 100% protection from online threats or inappropriate content. There are other actions your school can take to help keep your online learning environments safe and secure, such as promoting digital citizenship and making sure appropriate security measures are in place.

CERT NZ has helpful information about keeping your school network secure and Netsafe has some resources on online safety, which we highly recommend checking out!

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Our new free Email Protection solution offers eligible schools a greater level of protection against cyber threats, which will complement your school’s existing Microsoft or Google email service. It’s fully funded by the Ministry of Education, so there’s no cost to your school and we’ll take care of the setup for you, quickly and remotely. Take a look at our FAQs.

To protect your school from the worst of the web, we recommend schools have our recommended settings applied for Safe & Secure Internet. These settings are supported by our friends at Netsafe and CERT NZ, but you can decide the settings that best suit the needs of your school. If you’d like to discuss your settings, please get in touch.

“N4L knows remotely if something’s gone wrong; they’re able to help me remotely; and do all the things that would otherwise just add to my jobs list.”

Dawn Fenn
Woodhill School

Additional options to strengthen your protection

To protect ākonga online even further, schools and kura can choose these additional options.

Manage network users with Secure Access

With Secure Access, you’re able to control access to your school network, manage how different groups of students, teachers and guests access the network, and what they’ll be able to do when they’re on it. This means your school networks will be less vulnerable to security breaches and online threats. It’s the third phase of the Wi-Fi upgrade, which is currently being rolled out to schools across Aotearoa. Learn more about Secure Access here.

Remote Access for teachers and staff

With Remote Access your teachers and staff have a secure way of accessing your school’s onsite network regardless of where they are. This means they can work anytime, from anywhere. It also aligns with the Ministry of Education’s security guidelines for remote access.

Mail Relay for group communication

This enables you to securely send large volumes of external emails to keep in touch with whānau and the school community. Our Mail Relay will securely check all outbound emails are free from spam and viruses before sending them on their way.

Switch on Safety


We have created a free filter to protect ākonga when they’re learning remotely. It means their device won’t have access to certain sites that are deemed unsafe or inappropriate for learning. This includes a range of gambling and adult sites, plus sites known to host malware and phishing scams. Click here to learn more and download the filter.

Learn how our dedicated security team add another layer of protection for your school.