COVID-19: Learning from home

We’re helping children and teachers stay safely connected while learning and teaching at home.

What we do.


Network for Learning (N4L) is a crown company that connects 99% of New Zealand schools and kura to internet services through our smarter, safer Managed Network. This gives tamariki equitable access to digital technology that will empower them to thrive in tomorrow’s world.

Why we do it.


We exist so that every student in Aotearoa has equal access to a safe digital environment to learn, regardless of where they live or go to school.

When children learn from home, it’s important to make sure they stay safe online. Our safety filter is a free way to block the worst of the web, and it’s simple to set up on your child’s device. 


Remote Access allows teachers and staff to securely access the school’s network while working from home during the COVID-19 crisis. Importantly, this can be set up remotely for your school. Find out more here or call our Helpdesk on 0800 LEARNING.


Learn how we’re providing a safer, more secure Managed Network to protect the online learning environment for New Zealand schools. Find out more.

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