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Secure Access

N4L’s Secure Access improves your school’s security posture through segmenting networks and identifying users and devices.

It’s the final phase of your Wi-Fi upgrade process and makes your network less vulnerable to security breaches and online threats – helping protect your school’s student and staff data.

Want to know more about how Secure Access can help protect your school? Watch our quick overview of what it offers schools. You can also watch the te reo Māori version here.

Manage individual users

Control how ākonga, kaiako and manuhiri (guests) access your school network, and what they can do when they’re on it

Identity-based network

Securely authenticate and authorise individual school network users* and devices onto the network

Improved security

Segment your network to limit the impact of potential future security breaches and improve your school’s data protection
*Please note, guest identification does not apply to the simplified guest access option that’s available for small schools with limited administrative resources.

Watch this video to see some of the numerous benefits for your school or kura.

The ability to have different access levels is really important so even between staff, we can have different access levels and between pupils, you know, the younger ones and the older ones. So that’s really good.
Margie Hutchinson

Maungatūroto School

How does it work?

You can better protect your staff and students’ data through your school being less vulnerable to security breaches and online threats. Compared to a single flat network, the segmented network capability limits the impact of any potential future security breaches – for example, an issue can be contained within a guest network without impacting staff or students.

A great benefit of Secure Access is that each student and staff member has a unique login. This means administrators can identify who is using the network. It gives you control over who has access to your network and who doesn’t. Secure Access extends this by authenticating and authorising each device. Once a device is known to the network, it remembers the login details, so users don’t need to log in every time they connect to the network.

Secure Access case studies

How Secure Access how helped Amberley School

Learn how Amberley school and their assigned IT partner, Smart Computer Systems, describe the value and benefits Secure Access provided for their students and staff.

Improving the control and security of your network

Watch our video to hear what Maungatūroto School did to ensure a successful migration, and how important it is to this Northland Primary School.

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