About N4L

N4L was created to make a significant contribution to improving educational outcomes, by enabling the effective use of technology to support the transformation of all NZ schools to technology-based learning environments.

We are doing this by connecting all schools to a fully-funded managed network, and by providing a digital content and services platform to help educators and students navigate the complexities of learning in the 21st century.

N4L is a commercial company created and owned by New Zealand’s central government.

Objectives and Outcomes

N4L advances the Government’s goals in the areas of education and infrastructure. By leveraging the Government’s investment in Ultrafast Broadband (UFB), N4L offers a substantial contribution to the achievement of Government’s goals for the education system.

The Company also reflects an efficient and effective expenditure of Crown funds. N4L offers services that are high-value and targeted to increase the ability of the education system to raise achievement for young New Zealanders.

N4L is meeting the needs of New Zealand’s education sector in four main areas, which link back to the expectations set out in the Company’s constitution:

  • Partnering with other education agencies to develop innovative solutions to advance Government’s education goals
  • The provision of Managed Technology Services, based around the N4L Managed Network, which includes related services such as web filtering, firewall services, performance monitoring and a helpdesk service
  • Delivering Platform Services – services building on N4L’s Pond platform to address specific areas of need in the education sector, and
  • Engaging with the education sector to help lead the direction of the service to best fit their needs as educators. To drive a step change in educational outcomes using technology enabled services, we have to ensure our customers are with us on that journey