User Guide for N4L Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the N4L Terms and Conditions (terms). This User Guide provides you with an overview to help you find the information you need.

Please note that this Guide does not form part of your contract with N4L. You should ensure you read and understand the terms as they are what will govern your relationship with N4L.

Your Agreement with N4L is made up of a number of parts:

General Terms The General Terms apply to all the products and services that we provide to you. The General Terms set out our legal terms (for example, our terms on liability).
Privacy Statement The The Privacy Statement applies to all the products and services that we provide to you. The Privacy Statement explains how N4L may collect, hold, use and disclose information about individuals.
Managed Network Terms Additional terms and conditions also apply depending on the specific products and services that you use. Our Managed Network Terms sets out the terms relating to each of the following products and services:
  • Managed Network to the School
  • Reporting App
  • Filtering Portal
  • Managed Network to the Classroom
Acceptable Use Policy The Acceptable Use Policy applies to everyone who uses our Products and Services, and sets out N4L fundamental terms that apply to use of all our Products and Services.
Website Use Terms & Conditions The Website Use Terms & Conditions apply to everyone who uses the N4L website, including the Support Hub.
Glossary The Glossary contains a list of the definitions used in each of the terms set out above.


Q: What types of products and services does N4L offer?
A: N4L has described each of the products and services it offers in the Managed Network Terms.
Q: What changes did N4L make when it updated its terms?
A: N4L updated its terms to make them simpler and easier to understand, and to add terms for each of its new products and services. One key change is that each school that uses N4L’s services must ensure that it complies with the Privacy Act. This means your school must obtain authorisation from each user (or their parent/guardian) to the use of their personal information in accordance with N4L’s Privacy Statement. This is often covered in a school’s Acceptable Use or ICT Policy.
Q: How do I make a complaint?
A: You can make a complaint by following our complaints process set out in clause 9 (Complaints Process) of our General Terms. If you are an end user, please be aware that we may direct your feedback or complaint to your school, so that we can work with your school to respond.

On 10 February 2020 N4L updated our terms. If you would like to see the previous terms, you can request a copy from us using the contact details set out here. The key purpose of updating our terms was to make them easier to understand.