We’re currently developing MyN4L, a self-service platform with smart and simple tools to help manage your school’s online environment.

Schools and kura about to complete Secure Access migrations are being prioritised for early use of MyN4L. We’ll be providing access to further schools as more tools are released on the platform. 

A laptop on an office desk showing MyN4L dashboard
A person typing on a laptop

Guest Access: your guest Wi-Fi keys sorted


The first tool we are releasing in MyN4L is Guest Access. Designed to assist Secure Access schools with distributing and maintaining secure Wi-Fi keys for visitors and PLDs, Guest Access will be made available for schools currently undergoing Secure Access migration. 

Tell me more about MyN4L

We developed MyN4L from what was previously known as the Reporting app. If you have used the Reporting app in the past you will notice some changes. You can read more about these changes and some further information about MyN4L here.