from the worst
of the web

Schools and kura across Aotearoa are able to access a suite of fully funded safety and security services to help protect you and your ākonga online. We combine our security solutions with people power and expertise to give you the confidence you need.

Built in protection

A strong foundation of built-in protection.

Proactive detection

Proactive detection to identify vulnerabilities and to stop threats in their tracks.

Expert guidance

Expert guidance to help improve your security posture or to resolve or mitigate threats.

Safety & Security Solutions

From filtering, firewall and DDoS protection to email security, remote access and segmented networks, our safety and security solutions will help keep your school, staff and ākonga safe online.

Cybersecurity Services

Our dedicated security team proactively monitor our networks and systems, provide notifications of threats and vulnerabilities, identify opportunities for improvements, and work with schools to help resolve or mitigate incidents.

“The best learning will happen in an environment that is protected from the worst of the web and free from content that is inappropriate and distracting.”

Nicola Ngarewa
Principal of Spotswood College

Switch on Safety

When ākonga learn from home, it’s important to make sure they stay safe online. We have a free filter for whanāu to use to block the worst of the web at home.

Other ways to stay safe

There’s unfortunately no way to guarantee 100% protection from inappropriate content or online threats, as both the threat landscape and technology solutions are constantly evolving. While our team is here to support you, it’s important that you also take the necessary steps to ensure your school has a strong cybersecurity posture, such as promoting digital citizenship and making sure systems and software are up to date.

We recommend exploring additional measures to help keep your online learning environment safe and secure. Netsafe has a large suite of helpful resources for schools and kura, written for both students and teachers, on areas such as digital citizenship and planning. CERT NZ also has practical information to keep your school network secure, like making sure your software is up to date. And the Ministry of Education suggests some important actions to help strengthen cybersecurity and reduce your risks.

Customer stories

Keeping our tamariki safe online

Hear how three schools across Aotearoa are using N4L’s Safe & Secure internet to help protect their students online. When you limit distractions and prevent online threats and harmful content, students can learn more independently. Listen to their story here.

Creating positive digital discussions with students

Our easy-to-use reporting app is designed to support positive online safety and security in your school. Having an overall view of website activity by user, teachers are able to highlight any dangers to students immediately. Find out more here.

Help protect ākonga to learn online safely

N4L’s fully funded Safe & Secure Internet gives your school the best tech available to help all ākonga learn safely. With continual protection against evolving online threats, your school will have one less thing to worry about. Learn more here.

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