Britta’s story

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Meet Britta Mount, Agile & Business Analyst Practice Team Leader

Hi, I’m Britta Mount, and I’m 4 enabling better online experiences for schools and kura.

I grew up in Sweden, fell in love with a Kiwi, and here I am, living in New Zealand nearly 20 years later. My journey to N4L actually started out in project management, and since joining, I’ve discovered a real passion for working for an organisation that has a purpose to make a difference to the lives of our kaiako and ākonga.

My work here is so different each day. But at its heart, I work to support different teams across the business in ways that allow them to deliver to our customers.
I’m so excited about the possibilities hybrid education settings present for the future. I feel like they’re constantly evolving in ways that will help children to live up to their potential. Having children myself has made me realise just how important equal access to technology and the internet is because I see the potential it can create in their lives and how powerful it can be for their future.

Waking up each day and working for N4L is truly like working with friends. I know that sounds kind of cheesy, but it’s true. I truly enjoy this feeling of logging on each day and knowing we’re working towards a vision together and are totally open to experimenting with ways of how we get there. Not everywhere is like that!

I love being a woman in tech and feel like the opportunities in this space just keep opening up. Having diversity in the workplace is super important, too — everyone bringing their unique backgrounds and stories to work helps us relate to our customers on a super human level. Because that’s what we’re doing, after all. Connecting humans with what’s possible. I really like that.


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