Mehak’s story

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Meet Mehak Talwar, Security Analyst

Hi, I’m Mehak, and I’m 4 improving digital security in schools.

When I was six, my family moved to New Zealand, and outside of a few stints overseas, I’ve lived here ever since.

My love for technology came from a young age — I remember being an ICT monitor at high school (back then, there wasn’t much ‘tech’ to play with!) and feeling totally entranced by computers and what they could do, particularly in how they helped me learn. I went on to study at university and had an amazing tutor who inspired me to get into the digital security space. I love how education can make such a major impact on your life.

A lot of people think those of us who work in data or with computers are super nerdy — but we’re not! Our team at N4L is so lovely and welcoming, and our space is collaborative in how we work and solve problems each day. Our team works hard to try and prevent security incidents. So having a lot of different tools means we can respond quickly if something doesn’t look quite right.

It’s a really rewarding experience, working directly with our customers and seeing the direct impact our work makes on their learning environments. Especially because it can be the smallest things, like password protection measures or ensuring good security practices, that can make such a big difference. Looking at schools now compared to when I grew up — the technology is so much more sophisticated, and so are the learning opportunities. It’s exciting!

I love working for a place that has a purpose. The potential feels limitless. It’s a cool feeling.

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