AUCKLAND, New Zealand, 20 December 2023

Network for Learning (N4L) has released its 2023 Annual Report, which sees the Crown-owned company continue to deliver on its proven track record in developing and delivering managed broadband, Wi-Fi and cybersecurity products and services for schools and kura across Aotearoa.

With its key digital partner, the Ministry of Education, N4L provides faster and more reliable internet, while helping keep students protected from cybersecurity threats and harmful digital content.

In 2022/23, N4L’s highlights included:

  • 95% of schools now have N4L Safe & Secure Internet recommended settings switched on, helping keep them safer and more secure online;
  • nearly 40,000 customer support cases handled by the Customer Support team;
  • 91% customer satisfaction with N4L’s services across schools and kura (maintaining their year-on-year 90%+ customer satisfaction rating);
  • 158 million security threats blocked by N4L’s Security Operations Centre, helping protect schools and kura from cyber threats;
  • and delivery of products and services – e.g. Email Protection and the Security Operations Centre – that continue to be used widely all across the motu. 

During 2022/23, N4L also received industry recognition – winning the NZ Compare Awards’ ‘Best Customer Support’ and ‘Broadband Provider of the Year’ accolades. Meanwhile, N4L introduced and developed new innovations including cutting-edge fibre and satellite technologies, further enhancing its extensive internet, Wi-Fi, cybersecurity and content filtering solutions.

N4L delivered these innovations and achievements as planned and at reasonable cost, responding to the increasingly critical role that digital network networks play in school operations. N4L remains focused on providing excellent customer service and outstanding support to schools and kura at the times they need it most. Despite the last 12 months presenting unique challenges, such as extreme weather events or supply chain issues, N4L has continued to deliver on its purpose to help all ākonga thrive.

Network for Learning CEO, Larrie Moore, says: “It’s become increasingly clear that online learning is now more critical than ever, and N4L’s products and services have become a vital part of Aotearoa’s digital learning infrastructure. N4L’s overarching goal is to deliver affordable, national and sustainable services to schools, ensuring all learners, regardless of their geography or socio-economic circumstances, can access safer, more reliable digital technology for learning. This reliability, where everything ‘just works,’ allows educators and students to concentrate on teaching and learning, promoting efficiency and effectiveness in our educational institutions.”

Click here to read Network for Learning’s 2023 Annual Report.


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About Network for Learning (N4L)
Network for Learning (N4L) is a Crown-owned technology company, delivering a wide range of managed broadband, Wi-Fi and cybersecurity products and services, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, to schools and kura across Aotearoa New Zealand. We provide fully funded internet for all state and state-integrated schools and kura, operating one of the largest broadband networks in Aotearoa New Zealand, accounting for nearly 25% of the country’s daytime business internet traffic. Our team of dedicated network, cybersecurity and service delivery experts help more than 900,000 tumuaki, kaiako and ākonga enjoy daily access to a safer and more reliable online learning environment. In 2022, N4L was awarded Best Customer Support – Broadband and Best Broadband Provider at the NZ Compare Awards; Broadband, Energy & Mobile Awards. Keeping schools safer online is a team effort, and N4L is here to help connect, protect and support schools. See