Extending the Managed Network

We’re extending the Managed Network into classrooms so we can help connect, protect and support a school’s internet connection every step of the way, which means better Wi-Fi throughout the school or kura.

This is part of the Ministry of Education’s Te Mana Tūhono programme to upgrade school network equipment and provide cybersecurity support by 2024 – giving ākonga a safer, more seamless Wi-Fi experience. It also means our Helpdesk can provide greater support for network issues and cybersecurity.


Providing a fast & reliable Wi-Fi connection throughout your school


Making sure the right users have the right access to your school’s Wi-Fi, and providing additional cybersecurity support.


Monitor, maintain & managing your school’s connection every step of the way

What’s included?

To find out more about the upgrade to your school’s Wi-Fi, take a look at our brochure that explains each phase in more detail.

Equipment Support

Phase 1

When your SNUP network equipment (switches and access points) licences and warranties expire, we’ll provide extended support and assistance. It means in the event your equipment fails before it’s been upgraded, we’ll either fix or replace it. And if your school has Ruckus equipment, the existing wireless controller in your school will be removed and replaced with a cloud-based controller.

Equipment Replacement

Phase 2

We’re future-proofing your school’s network by replacing the equipment with next generation wireless technology to give your tamariki a more seamless Wi-Fi experience. After the replacement, our Helpdesk will be able to provide greater support to your school, including internal network performance and the ability to troubleshoot issues remotely.

Secure Access

Phase 3

We’re making your school’s Wi-Fi more secure by ensuring every device accessing your network is authorised to do so – allowing you to manage who can access the network and what they’re able to do when they’re using it. This will also help to improve the security of your school’s internal network. 

Get a quick overview of Secure Access with this video.

What support can N4L provide for my school’s network equipment and Wi-Fi?

The level of support we’re able to offer improves as we learn more about your school’s network. As you progress through each phase of the upgrade, from SNUP Helpdesk through to Secure Access, our ability to better determine what might be happening with your network increases. As we navigate this process you should have peace of mind knowing that we’re here to help throughout the journey.

If you need support for your school network equipment or Wi-Fi, our Helpdesk hours are Monday to Friday, 8am – 5pm.

A seamless network connection for schools: anywhere, anytime

N4L works with your school to design a secure network based on your needs. Giving you confidence to focus on teaching while we manage your network.

Safe & secure insights

N4L’s Reporting app gives you better visibility of your school’s browsing data, including what websites are being accessed. We understand there’s an ever expanding duty of care when it comes to keeping students safe on and offline, and we hope this information can help facilitate positive conversations around digital citizenship and responsible internet use. After the upgrade the browsing data becomes richer to provide more in depth insights for your school, and we’ll be offering the fully funded Reporting app to all schools. You can find more info here or read our Reporting app FAQs.


How does upgrading the Wi-Fi network relate to the Ministry of Education’s Te Mana Tūhono programme?

We’re delivering the Ministry of Education’s Te Mana Tūhono programme, which provides long-term IT support to schools. Once a school has opted-in to Te Mana Tūhono, N4L will then begin the process of upgrading their school’s Wi-Fi network. More information on the Ministry of Education’s Te Mana Tūhono can be found on their webpage.

Which schools are eligible?

State and State-Integrated schools and kura are eligible to have their Wi-Fi network upgraded once they’ve opted-in to the Ministry’s Te Mana Tūhono programme. Schools that are hosted (such as Teen Parent Units, Satellites, Te Kura Sites, Sensory Schools and Health Schools) are also eligible and will be included as part of the host school.

Will there be a cost to my school?

Schools are required to make a contribution of $2.50 per student per year to be a part of the Te Mana Tūhono programme, which is payable directly to the Ministry. The Ministry is heavily subsidising the new equipment, as well as its ongoing management and maintenance

If schools engage their own IT provider throughout the upgrade process, any associated cost will need to be covered by the school. N4L’s Helpdesk is part of our Managed Network service and will remain fully funded for schools.

When will my school have the Wi-Fi network upgraded?

We’ll contact your school about the Te Mana Tūhono programme 2-3 months before your network equipment expires, which is on your 5 year SNUP/WSNUP anniversary. Once your school has opted-in to the programme, you’ll be receiving Equipment Support from N4L – which is the first phase to upgrade your school’s Wi-Fi network. This means we’ll provide warranty support and extend licences for your current equipment – so if it breaks or fails before your upgrade, we’ll either fix or replace it.

Rollout approach for Equipment Replacement

Having completed Equipment Replacement in nearly 440 schools by the end of July 2021, the next group of schools planned for Equipment Replacement has been collated.

Any schools previously contacted about Equipment Replacement will be completed over the next few months, while this next group is targeted for completion in the coming 12-18 months and will be added to as the programme rollout progresses.

We’re still prioritising the upgrade of small and remote schools, but the next 12-18 months includes bigger (500+ student) schools as well. 



We’re also focusing on schools running Aerohive network equipment to ease support costs for re-licencing. You can find the list of schools to go through Equipment Replacement over the next 12-18 months on the Ministry of Education’s website.

We send your school a heads up email when it’s time for the Equipment Replacement process to begin, and your Relationship Manager will then be in touch to schedule a visit. We work with you throughout the process to ensure that the upgrade goes according to plan for your school. To find out more about the journey involved, here.

Our partners

We’ve appointed two technology panels made up of installers and IT providers from around the country. These partners are highly-skilled technology companies who have a proven track-record of working successfully with schools and will help us deliver all N4L projects.

Our Installers

This Panel is responsible for installing the new network equipment in schools on behalf of N4L:


ACL Communications Ltd
Aotea Group Holdings Ltd
Chris Dunn Technologies Ltd
Commtech Communications
Datacomms Plus Ltd
Data Concepts Ltd
Exell Group Services Ltd
Foveaux Communications Ltd
Garden City Communications Ltd

Gilcom Communications (2012) Ltd
Glenn Cook Technologies Ltd
Neltech Communications Ltd
Online Communications Ltd
PBS Data IT Ltd
Saco Cabling Ltd
Teltrac Communications Ltd
Vitel Cabling Ltd
Waikato Cabling and Communications Ltd

IT Panel

This Panel has been established to provide schools with tech support for connecting devices to their upgraded network if needed:

Aiscorp Ltd
Cyclone Computer Company Ltd
Fusion Networks Ltd
Glenn Cook Technologies Ltd
New Era IT Ltd

Our School Ltd
pcMedia Technologies Ltd
Smart Computer Systems Ltd

How can I join the panel?

We’ll be refreshing the panel at the end of 2021. If you’re keen to join, you can register your interest here.

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