Service Descriptions

These Service Descriptions were last updated with effect from 10th October 2022. They were formerly known as the Managed Network Terms.


If you are a School (you), The Network for Learning’s (N4L) School General Terms apply to all the Services that we provide to you. These additional Service Descriptions also apply to you, depending on the specific Services that you use.

N4L uses the umbrella term “Managed Network” to describe all of the Services we provide to Schools. Under the Managed Network, we have a set of Services, which each have their own terms:

  1. Managed Network - Internet
  2. Managed Network - Wi-Fi
  3. MyN4L

Additional Third Party terms and conditions may also apply, as set out below or notified by us to you at any time.

Capitalised words defined in the Glossary have the same meaning in these Terms.