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Our Aka Kōrero / Touchpoint Survey

Our Touchpoint survey is sent out every year to all schools and kura in Aotearoa. It’s sent to both principals and IT leaders, and helps us to understand how schools are using technology and what challenges they are facing in the current climate.

Insights from the survey are shared with schools and our key stakeholders in our annual Aka Kōrero|Touchpoint snapshot. Each year we use these learnings to help shape and enhance how we best support schools to ensure we’re better meeting their needs.

Our latest survey looked at the thoughts and concerns of schools and kura across Aotearoa around three themes, and below are the key findings:

Digital inclusion – learning from home


of schools say that less than half
of their students have everything
they need to learn from home.

Decile significantly impacts the likelihood that a student will have access to the internet, a device, or everything else they need to learn effectively from home.
57% of low decile (decile 1-3) schools say fewer than half of students have everything they need to learn from home
82% of all schools say lack of access to home internet and devices impacts teaching and students’ ability to learn
Schools say that less access to the internet and devices is leading to unequal access to learning and unequal outcomes ‐ often by region, for example
To bolster their cyber confidence further, schools would like advice, training, up to date information about security threats and tools and guidance around best practice
In the event of a cybersecurity incident, more than half have indicated they would go to N4L or their IT provider / IT lead for assistance
Other places schools would turn to for help include Netsafe, the Ministry of Education, NZ Police and their school board


of schools are confident or
very confident they have sufficient
cybersecurity protection.

Schools trust that their cybersecurity is being taken care of by N4L, their IT provider, or the Ministry of Education.
Technology in schools


Schools currently spend most of their
technology budget on devices and
device programmes, IT providers and
educational software.

Small schools tend to spend more on educational software than IT providers compared to larger schools.

Schools would like to spend more on devices, improve student‐to‐device ratios and replace ageing equipment

They would also like to fund training for teachers, students and families; take out subscriptions for learning apps and educational software; and purchase specialised equipment such as robotics

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