Our Aka Kōrero | Touchpoint survey

Our Touchpoint survey is sent out every year to all schools and kura in Aotearoa. It’s sent to both principals and IT leaders, and helps us to understand how schools are using technology and what challenges they are facing in the current climate. 

Insights from the survey are shared with schools and our key stakeholders in our annual Aka Kōrero |Touchpoint snapshot. Each year we use these learnings to help shape and enhance how we best support schools to ensure we’re better meeting their needs.

This year’s survey looked at the thoughts and concerns of schools and kura across Aotearoa around three themes:

Online safety in schools

Most schools (88%) feel confident in their ability to protect students online

The schools feeling less confident welcome additional expertise, knowledge and support for protecting their students online.

Key findings

  • Asking students to sign internet use agreements and the use of web filters are the two most common strategies used to protect students online
  • Although filters are an effective tool to help manage online safety, schools face the challenge of tech savvy students trying to bypass these systems
  • Sites like YouTube can present age-inappropriate material even when ‘safe search’ mode is applied
  • Supervising device use at school is challenging and time-consuming
  • Issues around cyberbullying taking place outside of school can spill into school hours

Digital inclusion – learning from home

Key findings

  • Thousands of students continue to live without internet access from home, and even more don’t have access to a device that is not a mobile phone
  • 10% of schools say at least half of their students can’t access the internet from home, which impacts learning
  • 24% say at least half of their students can’t access devices from home
  • Smaller and lower decile schools are less likely to have access 
  • Schools based in Tai Tokerau, Bay of Plenty, Rotorua and the Waikato regions are less likely to have access to internet and devices.

School closures and lockdowns have highlighted the importance of the internet for remote learning.

of schools say access to devices was the biggest technological obstacle during lockdown.

Other issues include access to the internet and an unreliable internet connection.


Support for IT challenges

Schools are experiencing a range of technology-related challenges and have identified they’d like more support in the following areas:

  • Internet capacity 
  • Device access and management
  • Filtering and reporting
  • Professional development for staff

How we are supporting schools

We are helping support schools in a number of ways including the Ministry of Education’s Te Mana Tūhono programme.

Upgrading wireless networks

Boosting the reliability, capacity and resilience of the internet within schools and providing additional cybersecurity support. 

Device access

We are rolling out a cloud solution that ensures all school-owned devices, BYOD, and guest users are set up to access school wireless networks securely. We have appointed a panel of IT support companies to help schools with this.

Reporting app

Our reporting app is designed to make it easier for teachers to see which websites and apps are being used across its network – including attempts to access blocked content.

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