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Term 1 has certainly been another challenging term with the ongoing pandemic and response to Omicron that’s been required. The team here at N4L has truly admired how the education sector has once again pivoted, and kura around the country are adapting the best they can to ensure learning can continue.

The other week we were thrilled to introduce our cybersecurity services! With cybersecurity incidents on the rise and security threats becoming more sophisticated, these services are your new superpower.

Our team of dedicated security experts proactively monitor our networks and systems, and will let you know if we discover a risk or threat that could impact your kura. They can also provide guidance on how to improve your security settings and support you during an incident.

We’ve refreshed our website, which now includes a dedicated Cybersecurity Services page where you can find more info about what these mean for you.

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Let’s tackle cyber crime together

Check out the latest blog from the wonderful tech journalist Bill Bennett on why beating cyber crime needs a team effort.

What more can you do to protect your school or kura?

It’s super important to have broader security measures in place. Here’s some helpful suggestions to consider.

33M Unsafe Websites Blocked

54M Security Threats Blocked 

2.6PB Website Data Used 

The above statistics are for Term 4, 2021

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