We all know that educators are amazing.  The investment that goes into a job like teaching day in, day out couldn’t be overstated. And we know that weekends are incredibly important for re-cooping and re-charging (if not on sports trips or doing more planning, then marking etc).

But there are a group of teachers getting together at Educamp Rotorua to spend their Saturday bettering their practice.  These people are passionate about their jobs and passionate about the kids in the classrooms.

For those of you attending we take our hat off to you and say “thank you”, and for those of you who are undecided about making the effort to get there – go for it! Unfortunately our plans to get there fell through but please, enjoy a drink at the end of the day on us (non-alcoholic options available for those of you that need to hit the road afterwards).

Best of luck for the day. We are sure it will be a wonderful time with excellent conversations and insights. Enjoy!