02/12/2015 – 12:50

We have confirmed that service has been restored, and this outage has been cleared by our fibre provider.

02/12/2015 11:30

We can see from our monitoring that the schools are back up, however we have not yet had clearance from our fibre provider.

02/12/2015 11:00

The fibre company has narrowed the fault down to a malfunctioning network component, which a replacement is being organised for. No time frame for resolution as yet.

02/12/2015 08:40

The fibre company for the area has confirmed that the fault appears to be caused by a physical fibre cut. Technicians are currently investigating.

02/12/2015 08:05

We have an outage affecting schools in the Gisborne  area, who will be experiencing a loss of internet.  Technicians are working to identify the cause of this issue.