Your Guide to Becoming a Pioneer Educator in Pond.

Do you have something valuable to contribute to the educational landscape of New Zealand? Are you a digitally savvy teacher with constructive opinions? Are you innovative and engaging in the classroom? Perhaps other teachers ask to share your resources or Senior Management ask you to share your work with the rest of the staff?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you’re the ideal candidate to become a Pioneer Educator in Pond!

Following the launch of Pond at the Festival of Education last weekend, we’ve had lots of people asking “how do I get into Pond?” This is how…

The first 500 Pioneers educators will start gaining access to Pond from May 5th. N4L is partnering with well respected individuals and key agencies within the education sector to invite 500 teachers they think are best suited to become Pioneers, including:

(This list is not final. More organisations and individuals will be announced as they are confirmed.)

By the end of 2014 all educators will have be able to use Pond if they want to, however the initial 500 Pioneers will be instrumental in shaping Pond in preparation for this wider audience.

Beyond the personal and professional qualities we’re looking for in Pioneers, one important thing to point out is all educators must have an Education Sector Logon as this will be the mechanism needed to register in Pond for the first time.

Although most invites will come from sector agencies, N4L also has a limited number of invites we’ll be distributing at upcoming workshops around NZ. More details about these workshops will be coming soon.