Wait… You didn’t get my email?! 

If your school heavily relies on email as your primary method of communication with parents and your school community, below are a few helpful tips to reduce the risk of your bulk emails being identified as spam:

  1. Run regular email system updates


  2. Provide the option of being able to unsubscribe from mailing lists – think about what are “nice to know” vs “important to know” emails

  3. Make sure you opt those unsubscribers out of your mail lists ASAP – there’s nothing worse than getting emails from someone after you’ve unsubscribed

  4. Remove invalid email addresses from your mailing lists – if you get error messages or bounced emails these should be part of an ongoing cleanup of your email database

  5. Avoid using misleading subject lines – if you promise free cake… make sure you tell them how to get free cake!

  6. Ensure your mail system is configured correctly. Here is a Support Hub article with more info otherwise please call us for help.

It’s (not) me, it’s not you
And something to be aware of… If your school uses a shared mail relay system (like ours) to send bulk emails, it means that when emails sent by any one of the schools are flagged as spam (rightly or wrongly), it compromises our system’s reputation with third-party email providers. As a result, emails sent through our mail relay system can be placed in a delayed delivery queue and emails sent may be slower than normal to be delivered.

Have questions?
As always, N4L’s friendly Helpdesk is only a call away on 0800 LEARNING to help, or have a chat with your trusted IT provider.