Last week, we announced that the Managed Network is being upgraded to enhance the services we provide New Zealand schools. This week, the news just keeps getting better…

FortiGate is coming.

It may have been the worst kept secret, but we’re pleased to finally confirm that the rumours are true. As part of our Managed Network Upgrade, your existing Cisco router (N4L device in your server cabinet) will be replaced with FortiGate – an industry leading internet security solution. This solution will provide increased safety to schools with:

  • Advanced security services (including enhanced VPN filtering)
  • Individualised filtering – that supports granular filtering (i.e. by students and staff)
  • Smart and simple reporting

Delivering your FortiGate requires a physical swap out – which means someone will need to be on site to make the changes to your network and replace your old box with the new solution. We’ve got 2400+ schools, so it will take some time to complete (that’s why we’ve allowed an 18 month schedule).

We know you’ll have questions. We’re working on answers and will have more information for you shortly. For now, we just wanted to share the good news as soon as we could.

Managed Network: smarter, safer (better); it’s happening.