Pilot to provide students access to the Managed Network from home goes live

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, 21 September 2018 – From today, students at Haeata Community Campus, a school nestled in Aranui where an estimated 40% of households are living without a suitable home internet connection, will be able to access The Network for Learning’s (N4L) Managed Network from home.

The “ConnectED” pilot is being officially launched today during a ceremony at Haeata Community Campus to celebrate the 360 students across 190 homes that now have the option to continue their learning outside of school hours via the government-funded Managed Network.

The Managed Network is currently used by more than 821,000 students and teachers across 2400-plus schools throughout New Zealand, providing smarter and safer internet services for learning.  

The ConnectED project team is led by the Greater Christchurch Community Schools Network (GCSN), and sees N4L partnering with Haeata Community Campus, Chorus, and the Ministry of Education to give students free wifi access to the same safe (filtered), uncapped internet they get at school via the Managed Network.

The school’s internet use policies and N4L’s web filtering will apply to all students accessing the Managed Network from home.

“We know that learning for students and adults occurs at times not just restricted to school hours, so having that access is really important for everyone in our community, not just those who can afford it,” says Andy Kai Fong, Principal, Haeata Community Campus.

“Interaction between students and their parents around learning and progress and success is an important factor in creating and raising the aspirations and success for those kids. So this initiative is giving these kids unlimited access to that learning, and also the encouragement of sharing that learning and talking about their learning and progress with their parents.”

Haeata Community Campus speaks about what the pilot means for their students

This is the second pilot where N4L is partnering with Chorus, the Ministry of Education, the community and a school to deliver wireless access into student homes for learning.

These pilots are led by community trusts based in Christchurch and Lower Hutt, and involve different technology and partnership models. N4L’s role is to get students up and running with the same safe (filtered) internet experience that they get at school via the Managed Network.

N4L CEO Larrie Moore says: “This is all about extending the tried and trusted N4L Managed Network service beyond the school gates and to the homes of students, so they can learn wherever they live.  We are working in partnership with local groups, Chorus and the Ministry of Education, and we are delighted to be playing our part in this great initiative that we believe will be life-changing for all the students.”

As a key partner for the Ministry of Education’s ‘equitable digital access for students’ programme, N4L is exploring ways to bridge the digital divide for students living without a suitable home internet connection, so they can carry on their learning at home.

Moving from connected schools to connected learners is part of N4L’s long-term strategy, and these pilots seek to inform the next steps of this programme, to help inform opportunities for a way forward.  


For more information, please contact:
Julie Landry, N4L Communications, 021 895 098 or [email protected]

About Great Christchurch Schools’ Network
GCSN is a charitable trust which develops, implements and evaluates a range of programmes and initiatives to bridge the digital divide for school-aged students and their whānau within greater Christchurch. GCSN’s projects facilitate access to the internet and internet-capable devices across a range of home and school settings. Its professional learning and development programmes enhance teacher knowledge and capability in digital fluency and effective e-learning pedagogies. For more information on the ConnectED pilot, please visit: www.haeata.school.nz/connected

About Network for Learning (N4L)
N4L is a Crown company supporting government’s goals for education through its student-focussed Managed Network. The government-funded Managed Network connects 99% of New Zealand schools including kura to safe, fast, reliable internet services, fully managed and supported for schools so they can get on with great teaching and learning. It’s the largest of its kind in New Zealand, and its scope and design does not exist within any other sector. The company works alongside education, government, and technology partners to help schools get the most from digital connectivity and is driven by the belief that providing equitable access to digital technology will empower young New Zealanders to succeed in education and beyond. www.n4l.co.nz

Managed Network data and security blocks
Data consumed via the Managed Network from N4L’s last financial year ending 30 June 2018 has increased 57% from the previous year, with monthly usage peaking above 3 petabytes in May 2018. During the same period, N4L’s security and filtering services blocked 1.2 terabytes of web traffic and prevented 8 billion user requests to access blocked websites.