Following the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer in December, newly formed N4L has since filled three key full-time roles to help fulfil the company’s goal of delivering a fast, reliable and safe online educational network for New Zealand schools. Here are the new N4L team members and a summary of what they’ll be up to over the next few months…

Jeremy Nees Chief Technology Officer
As CTO, Jeremy will design the network that will connect the schools to a safe, secure and high quality online learning environment. This will involve working with the selected retail internet service provider/s to ensure the schools receive guaranteed network performance levels and minimum internet speeds regardless of their location and time of day.

Jeremy is now a key member of the team working to finalise the service provider selection process. With the need to ensure that the managed network for schools is guaranteed , reliable, uncapped, and at speeds well exceeding what they are currently experiencing, the decision is now expected to be announced in the coming months.

With over 12 years experience as an architect, consultant and engineer, Jeremy brings a wealth of experience to N4L. In addition to his previous roles as the lead technology architect and product development manager at a prominent internet services provider and datacentre company, Jeremy helped lead the first deployment of a centralised Learning System in the UK.

Chris South Head of Dynamic Services
Chris is responsible for the content and services appearing across the N4L network. This includes evaluating and securing arrangements with companies that provide solutions which allow schools to consume, share, store and create information anywhere and any time. These innovative solutions will be introduced progressively and will be designed to inspire students and educators to create high quality e-learning experiences in a secure online environment.

Chris has more than 20 years of technology experience in the UK and NZ. Prior to joining N4L he was a principal architect at Gen-i, where he looked at how cloud computing and mobile technologies could be applied to achieve demonstrable benefits to customers.

Andy Schick Market Manager, Education
You are going to see a lot of Andy. He’s responsible for introducing the education sector to N4L, explaining what the company is trying to achieve and how it’s going to get there. Most importantly, he’ll be actively liaising with the school communities (principals, school leaders, teachers, students, trustees and families) to ensure N4L is responsive to their evolving needs.

Andy is part of the team that will provide regular updates on N4L’s progress and activities, including stories from schools who have signed up to N4L services. Before moving into the world of technology, Andy was involved with social justice efforts in Australia, the US and Europe, where he worked with non-profit organisations and schools to help drive community transformations.

Prior to joining N4L Andy ran a residential internet service provider where he managed marketing and communications to wholesalers and residents, while delivering new products and services across the network. His start-up experience includes founding an online backup solution business which became the largest of its kind in New Zealand within two years.

The N4L team is growing at a steady pace and we expect to announce additional team members in the coming weeks. Watch this space (the N4L website) for updates!