N4L’s work with schools a winner at Broadband Awards

Network for Learning (N4L) took the supreme award at the NZ Broadband Compare TUANZ Awards, named New Zealand’s Broadband Provider of the Year for its work with schools.

The Crown company provides more than 2,450 state schools including kura smart and safer internet services for learning via its ‘Managed Network,’ which is used by more than 821,000-plus students and teachers.

The Broadband Provider of the Year was selected from the winners of eight other categories at an awards ceremony last night celebrating the very best of New Zealand’s broadband industry, where N4L was also named the Best Specialist Broadband Provider. 

Commenting on the supreme win, the judges said: “Network for Learning stood out as being an exceptional offering servicing a vital need, driving real value for educational institutions and their surrounding communities.”

“The company is ahead of the pack with its focused offer and is driving real value for schools by removing data bottlenecks that help kids learn at school. The company should be commended for its collaborative working models addressing the needs of underserved families through its pilots that extend safe internet into the home.”

Some of the hard-working N4L team at the annual Broadband Compare TUANZ Awards.

In addition to fully supported uncapped internet services, N4L’s connection packages come with network security and web filtering services to boost schools’ protection against online threats.

The national scope and design of the Managed Network is the largest of its kind in New Zealand and uses the infrastructure of more than 13 local fibre providers and 12 ICT companies to reach and serve the 99% of schools across the country.

“We are absolutely humbled by this award. It’s the outstanding partnerships we have with the local fibre and technology companies – and with Fortinet, Spark and the Ministry of Education – that make today’s achievement possible. And of course it’s also thanks to the work of our amazing team at N4L, who are super motivated to get to work each day to do the best we can for the young people of Aotearoa.

N4L recently surveyed its schools, with 97% of respondents indicating they are satisfied or highly satisfied with the service from N4L.

Mr Moore says: “Getting this level of response from our customers, and being named NZ’s Broadband Provider of the Year are amazing achievements, and I’d like to thank my incredible team for their dedication and teamwork.”


About Network for Learning (N4L)
N4L is a Crown company supporting government’s goals for education through its student-focussed Managed Network. The government-funded Managed Network connects 99% of New Zealand schools including kura to safe, fast, reliable internet services, fully managed and supported for schools so they can get on with great teaching and learning. It’s the largest of its kind in New Zealand, and its scope and design does not exist within any other sector. The company works alongside education, government, and technology partners to help schools get the most from digital connectivity and is driven by the belief that providing equitable access to digital technology will empower young New Zealanders to succeed in education and beyond. www.n4l.co.nz

Managed Network data and security blocks
Data consumed via the Managed Network from N4L’s last financial year ending 30 June 2018 has increased 57% from the previous year, with monthly usage peaking above 3 petabytes in May 2018. During the same period, N4L’s security and filtering services blocked 1.2 terabytes of web traffic and prevented 8 billion user requests to access blocked websites.