18/05/2016 09:00

Local fibre company have confirmed that the fault has been fully repaired.

18/05/2016 08:00

We can see all of the schools that were affected have connection to the internet again.

We have not had official confirmation from the local fibre company that the fault is fully resolved, so will leave our case open until we do.

17/05/2016 19:36

Today’s outage is still under investigation and we are awaiting official confirmation of a resolution. 

17/05/2016 11:15

We have 8 schools affected by this outage.

There are just under a thousand non N4L connections affected by this issue across multiple Internet Service Providers.

There is a technician actively investigating on site.

17/05/2016 09:25

The local fibre company has reported a wider area fault with others, including non N4L connections affected.

17/05/2016 08:15

8 schools in Hawera have lost connection to the internet.

We have raised the issue as high priority with the fibre company in the area.