You’ve read the blogs, watched the video and now you can’t wait to make your mark in Pond. You are ready to explore a new digital world of resources previously unknown. Ready to get excited again about planning lessons. While you’re waiting for a Pioneer Educator invitation to come your way, now is the perfect time to get your Education Sector logon sorted. Hang on, what is that?

As we’ve pointed out in the past, Pond is an environment within which all teachers are verified and authenticated making the Pond community a trusted place encouraging realistic comments that people can be held to, not a place for trolls. To preserve this safe environment, we are using the Education Sector Logon to verify users.

Education Sector Logons are single sign-on from the Ministry of Education that teachers and administrators use to access a range of online services for the New Zealand education sector, from TKI to e-asTTle.  To access Pond you will also need a particular ‘entitlement’ identifying which service you have access to.  Without an Education Sector Logon and the right entitlement, you won’t be one of pioneering educators in Pond come May 5.

Pioneer Educators who currently have a logon and e-asTTle role, don’t need to do a thing.  The kind people at the Ministry are working on automatically adding the Pond role to your account to allow access from May 5.

If you already have a logon, but you’re not sure what roles you have, feel free to contact the Ministry Contact Centre on 0800 422 599 or via email at and they will prepare your subscription ahead of Pond’s arrival. If you don’t have a logon at all, call the contact centre to make enquiries about how you get one.

Remember, Pond works best on laptops or high resolution tablets at the moment and you MUST have an Education Sector Logon and the Pond entitlement to get into Pond.

You wouldn’t go to the moon without spaceboots. Or to the bottom of the sea without a dive tank. Get your Education Sector Logon sorted and get ready to get into Pond. We’re looking forward to having you in there splashing about soon.