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360+ schools now have new Wi-Fi equipment
We’re thrilled that more than 360 schools have had their Wi-Fi equipment upgraded as part of the Ministry of Education’s Te Mana Tūhono Programme – which is all about providing long-term IT and cybersecurity support.

We’re in the process of finalising the list of schools scheduled to get their Equipment Replacement over the next 12 months. This list should be completed in the next couple of months and if your school is included, then you’ll receive an email from N4L. In the meantime, Equipment Support is available and means you’re covered with extended support and assistance from N4L until your replacement.

You can read what schools have to say about the programme in the latest Education Gazette article here – and scroll down to see a video from Sunnybrae Normal School to see what this will mean for you and your school.

Sunnybrae School ‘the upgrade changed everything for us’

The Wi-Fi upgrade means schools benefit from a more reliable internet experience, and more flexibility in how they teach.

Support Hub has had a refresh!

We’ve given Support Hub a little makeover! It still has the same content and features, but with a new look.

Latest event news from N4L

We’ve been talking with passionate educators around NZ about the future of our ākonga. Read all about it and find out where we’ll be next.

264 M
website hits blocked

181 M
security threats blocked

12.9 PB
website data usage

The above statistics are for Term 1 2021

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