Ransomware can cause mass disruption for schools as we saw with the Kaseya security incident in July 2021. 

Once ransomware infects a device, the virus can quickly spread to other devices connected to the network. It can get into your computer in the same way that malware or a virus does. It’s often spread by visiting unsafe websites, or by clicking on links or opening email attachments. Our friends at CERT NZ have produced some great infographics to help explain ransomware attacks. 

N4L’s DNS Threat Protection helps to protect schools against ransomware and other common online threats, like phishing scams. It’s free to use for all schools connected to the Managed Network as part of N4L’s Safe & Secure Internet.

So how are schools protected?
Our DNS Threat Protection adds an extra layer of defence against online threats. For the technically-minded, this additional ‘layer’ is a dedicated DNS filtering solution provided by a global cloud security company called Akamai.

We’re using their “Enterprise Threat Protector” to proactively block access to inappropriate content, malware and sites that drop ransomware onto your network or device. It helps prevent phishing scams, “command and control” attacks, and VPNs – which allow staff & students to bypass our filtering. And also allows us to enforce SafeSearch for schools, which aligns with the safe search categories used by Google and Bing.

When using our DNS Threat Protection together with our firewall and filtering services, schools benefit from this high level of protection to help prevent ransomware from wreaking havoc on their networks.

Our Safe & Secure Internet helps keep the bad stuff out of your school’s network by providing a baseline level of protection recommended for all schools in Aotearoa. But it’s important to remember that technology on its own will not protect schools from ransomware.

Robust technology will certainly help, but it must be accompanied with continuous education and awareness of good digital citizenship, provided to schools via Netsafe and CERT NZ.

If you would like to know more about DNS Threat Protection or N4L’s Safe & Secure Internet visit our website or give us a call on 0800 LEARNING.