Managed Network overview

If giving schools access to fast, reliable and safe internet is what we do, the fully funded Managed Network is how we do it. But it’s more than just an internet connection. The Managed Network also comes with industry-leading safety and security tools, creating a safer online environment that gives principals, teachers and parents the confidence to use digital technologies for learning. This includes robust internet filtering, threat protection and firewall, plus a dedicated Helpdesk team.

800,000+ Users on the Managed Network

2,400+ NZ schools connected

Blocked >139m inappropriate sites + over 57,000 viruses/malware blocked

Managed Network Safety & Security

Learn how we’re providing a safer, more secure Managed Network to protect the online learning environment for New Zealand schools.

What’s included as part of the Managed Network?



Web Filtering

Recommended Our web filtering service protects staff and students from inappropriate content. Filtering rules are implemented to all incoming traffic, which can be customised for each school based on the content they do or don’t want to allow based on categories or individual websites.

Greater ability to block VPNs

Included Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are a way for users to remotely access secure networks through an encrypted connection. We do our best to block just about all VPNs, as they can be used to bypass a school’s web filtering or security (unless they’re allowed by a school). Unfortunately no solution can be 100% successful because new VPN solutions are created every day. But if a new VPN is discovered at one school, our network automatically blocks this same VPN from being used at any other school on the Managed Network – which means we’re continuously learning and improving our ability to block unwanted VPNs.


Recommended A firewall helps to protect against threats and malicious activity accessing the network. It acts as a ‘wall’ between the school’s network and the internet, assessing content to determine if it’s allowed through or not. Schools can set up their own firewall rules to reflect their internal networks, as well as for different groups of users.

SSL Inspection

Recommended Schools with concerns about students accessing inappropriate websites can implement a function called SSL Inspection. This gives the N4L hardware the ability to take a peek at the content travelling through it to make sure it’s safe. Any malicious or inappropriate content can be blocked.

Remote Access

Recommended (if required) Our Remote Access service provides teachers a secure way of accessing the school’s system, so they can work just like they’re at school – even when they’re at home or out of town. 

Got questions? Get answers


You may have a few questions, so check out our FAQs or if you’d rather speak with someone about the Managed Network, call us on 0800 LEARNING or head to over to Support Hub.