Managed Network overview

If giving schools access to fast, reliable and safe internet is what we do, the fully funded Managed Network is how we do it. But it’s more than just an internet connection. The Managed Network also comes with industry-leading safety and security tools, creating a safer online environment that gives principals, teachers and parents the confidence to use digital technologies for learning. This includes robust internet filtering, threat protection and firewall, plus a dedicated Helpdesk team.


on the Managed Network

NZ schools

Blocked 139+m inappropriate sites
+ over 57,000 viruses/malware blocked


We’re undertaking an upgrade to our Managed Network right now, making it smarter and safer for schools. This means building extra capacity into the network, plus making sure our safety and security tools continue to combat online threats.

The good news is we’re underway, having already rolled out our new threat protection service that targets malware, phishing scams and VPN protection – as well as applying SafeSearch on all web browsing. We’re now working our way around every school to upgrade their filtering and firewall solution, which will mean schools can look forward to improved online safety and security, plus smarter reporting tools. The Managed Network Upgrade also means schools have an easier way to get more bandwidth if needed. It’s exciting times and if it’s not in your school already, it’s just around the corner.


Got questions? Get answers


With so many changes in the pipeline, we get that you might have a few questions. So click here to read our FAQs. Or, if you’d rather speak with someone about the Managed Network Upgrade, call us on 0800 LEARNING or head to over to Support Hub.