The first thing schools notice when they start using N4L’s Managed Network is the fast and predictable internet experience. Schools can trust their internet connection to perform and to have enough capacity to meet their changing needs.

It’s much more than just fast internet though. N4L Managed Network connection packages include a number of services that can be used to enhance a school’s online experience and help make their online environment safer for students and staff. These services are tailored to meet each school’s unique needs, further enhancing their experience. Schools receive support from our specialist team during the transition process, and once connected have access to our friendly support team whenever assistance is needed.

The vast majority of schools will connect to N4L’s Managed Network via fibre. However, if there is no fibre available in the area, wireless or satellite technologies are used instead. Connections for state, state-integrated and partnership schools are fully-funded.

Internet Connection

A trusted connection empowering schools to use the internet when and how they want.

Web Filtering

Helping protect schools from web-based threats, creating a safer online environment.


Helping schools create a safer online environment.

Email Filtering

Protecting schools from email-based threats.

Remote Access

Work from anywhere, using any internet connection to access school servers.

Performance Monitoring

Helping make managing technology infrastructure easier for schools.


Find out more about Internet Connections on the N4L Managed Network.