A new way to view your school’s browsing data


N4L’s Reporting app is a simple way for schools and kura to view their online data. It provides the ability to drill down to an individual user, device or website. 

How can it help my school?

We’ve worked with schools to co-design the app, ensuring we provide a valuable tool that showcases the data that is most important for school leaders – which can help facilitate positive conversations on digital citizenship with akongā.

We understand there’s an ever expanding duty of care when it comes to keeping akongā safe on and offline. Through talking with schools we realised that lack of online visibility was a common concern. This could include anything from what websites are being visited, to what devices are infected within a school.

N4L’s Reporting app helps by allowing you to: 

See what websites and apps are being used in your school and, if you have an identity aware network, access data down to the individual user

Get an overview of your school’s web filtering in a dedicated section

See what websites and categories users have tried to access but can’t due to your school’s security settings

Have visibility on devices and possible device infection – so you can identify and troubleshoot effectively

Help support informed digital citizenship discussions. 

How does it work?

The app shows traffic that runs over your school’s Managed Network internet connection. This includes showing if there have been attempts to access websites listed under any of N4L’s default categories that your school may block using our web filtering. These include categories such as pornography or explicit violence (any attempts to access websites listed under these categories will register as a blocked attempt).

*Please note: The app displays information from the N4L Firewall. If your school is using an alternative, it may mean the data surfaced isn’t as rich as it could be – i.e. content that gets blocked on the alternative firewall might not appear in Reporting. Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

We’re testing it out 

We’re currently testing the Reporting app out. This means we’re inviting a select number of schools to trial the app and are working closely with them over the 2020 school year. The feedback we gain from schools will help us to better understand educational needs when it comes to reporting, so we can deliver a great experience to all schools – no matter your setup.  

Part of trialling the app includes working with schools who have identity awareness* which provides individual user insights. Having an Identity aware network means having the capability to identify and manage individual students and staff online while they’re using the Managed Network at school.

*Currently we support onsite directory services such as Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP and RADIUS. As part of the School Network Upgrade, schools will get Secure Access which includes identity integration. Find out more about the upgrade here.

On the journey to a safer online learning environment

Supporting good digital citizenship practice includes everyone agreeing with how you engage online. At a minimum, we recommend ensuring your school has online user agreements with your staff and students. Netsafe has templated agreements specifically available to support schools. 

While you’re there, take it one step further by diving into the Netsafe Schools programme for a more holistic school-wide approach to online safety.

Find out more here.

Safe and secure insights to support digital citizenship and online safety

Our aim is to provide educators (and students) with actionable, advice and guidance.

We’re currently reaching out to educators, students and organisations to develop educational resources that support this mission. 

If you’re interested in joining the conversation or know of others who would be interested in participating, please reach out: 


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