We’re making some changes to the login process for the Ruckus SmartZone controller used by schools who have completed Equipment Replacement.

Your school may have completed Equipment Replacement but don’t log in to the SmartZone controller – if so, please ignore the below.

All schools are currently on our Auckland controller, which means a user is automatically presented with their school details when they log in. We’re bringing our Christchurch controller online shortly, and to ensure users are directed to the correct controller for their school, we’ve changed the login page to a front-end proxy.

Applying the front-end proxy means there’ll be no change to the login process for users accessing the SmartZone controller from their school’s network.

However, this has resulted in an additional step for users logging in from outside the school network. When a user enters the controller URL, they’ll be presented with a search bar where they’ll need to enter the name of their school. As they start typing, they’ll be provided with a list of schools to choose from. Once they select their school, they’ll be directed to the relevant controller login page and then follow the existing process.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us on 0800 LEARNING.