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Despite the challenges of lockdown, the team has been working hard with schools, the Ministry and our panel members to continue the Equipment Replacement rollout. We’re thrilled that 500 schools now have their new Wi-Fi equipment installed as part of the Ministry of Education’s Te Mana Tūhono programme, which boosts the resilience, capacity and security of wireless networks. And in the same week our Chief Information & Security Officer, Gavin Costello, who led the rollout was named amongst NZ’s top 50 IT leaders and innovators.

In this jam packed edition you can also check out our latest Aka Kōrero | Touchpoint Report providing unique insights into the thoughts and concerns of schools and kura around online safety, remote learning and IT use, plus read our new blogs on demystifying multi-factor authentication, how to identify and prevent a phishing scam, and learn more about how DNS Threat Protection adds an extra layer of defence to your school network.

And lastly, if you missed the announcements from Google and Microsoft, they’ve separately updated their licence agreements with the Ministry of Education to include a stronger focus on online security.

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Touchpoint survey results are in!

We recently asked schools about their confidence in protecting students online, the strategies they use and what their biggest challenges are. Find out what they had to say in our latest Aka Kōrero | Touchpoint report.

Celebrating 500 schools having safer, more seamless Wi-Fi

As part of the MOE’s Te Mana Tūhono programme, we continue to upgrade schools’ wireless networks using the latest technology – boosting their resilience, capacity and security.

Gavin Costello, N4L CISO named among CIO50’s top IT leaders

Driving innovation, Gavin led the rollout of the new Wi-Fi equipment to schools and kura, strengthening their defence and helping protect ākonga learning online.

DNS Threat Protection adds an extra layer of defence to your school network

Ransomware causes major disruptions to school networks and impacts teaching & learning. Learn how we protect you against these attacks in our latest blog.

Will you recognise a phishing email when you see one?

Here are a couple of useful checks from Johan, our IT Security Manager, to help you quickly identify a phishing scam when reading emails or text messages.

Schools share their experiences about learning safely online

Our new Customer Stories section shares how you can make the most of N4L. We’re all about providing safe and reliable online learning environments so you can focus on teaching and learning.

Multi-Factor Authentication provides an extra layer of protection for online accounts

Check out our latest blog where we break down MFA and explain why it’s a good idea.

website hits blocked

security threats blocked

website data usage

The above statistics are for Term 3 2021

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