Do you want answers? Do you think you’re entitled? I get it; you want the truth.

Cool… well, the truth is that you’ll find all you need here.

N4L’s excited to introduce Support Hub, a site that’s seen a few good men and women dedicate themselves to enhance your understanding of the Managed Network. Whether you’re interested in web security, filtering, remote access or firewall settings, our shiny new Support Hub is for you.

It’s a one stop shop where you can Ask Questions, Find Solutions and Share Knowledge about N4L’s products and services. We know that when you want answers, you want answers in a format that suits you. That’s why we’ve created a service, accessible 24/7, that supports your understanding of N4L services on your terms, in your own time.

But don’t panic – you can still call our awesome Helpdesk team, they’re still on hand Monday-Friday between the hours of 8am to 5pm on 0800 LEARNING. The team does have a life outside of these hours so if you need help and they’re not available, the Support Hub gives you more options. Similar to money – it never sleeps.

So, what’s under the hood? Let’s break it down..

Ask Questions, Find Solutions

I’m going to state the obvious: if you go to a Support Hub, you’ve likely got specific questions about an N4L product or service. I know, it’s a revolutionary concept: products/services + support = good. It should then come as no surprise that our Support Hub gives you multiple ways to ask those burning questions.

  • Articles: We’ve got a growing number of articles aimed at building ICT capability and we’re always looking for article suggestions, which brings me to…
  • Feedback: Share your experience, or make article suggestions by hitting the feedback link to make new suggestions.
  • FAQs: We get questions all the time, and when we do we post responses in short sharp Q&A format to help you get responses fast – just use the search bar to find your answer.
  • Training: We’re also building step-by-step training guides to walk you through the implementation of technical solutions (check out our Remote Access guide here).  
  • Cases: Need to log a request for technical support? Just hit ‘Log a case’ to make your request – now you can not only log the request, but track its progress.
  • Chat Now: Users can chat (via instant message) directly with our Helpdesk; look out for the orange ‘chat now’ button.

Share Knowledge

We’ve just invited Support Hub members to join our community – it’s hot off the press and pretty exciting. Exciting because it opens up users to be able to communicate with N4L staff, but also (perhaps more importantly) with other school ICT administrators and educators. This means no matter how small the technology issue, you’ve now got other like-minded users able to lend a hand.

We love this. And we’d love you to be a part of bringing the Support Hub to life. You’re probably great at solving anomalies or intricacies in your school, how about sharing your solution? Whether you have a quick process to deploy SSL certificates or you have a unique approach to YouTube filtering, or some other technology solution, we think it’s worth sharing. At the very least it might be worth a question.

Keep an eye out for more activity – it may be new but we’ve got big plans…

Image: N4L’s newly launched Support Hub.

Top 5 Support Hub articles

 To date, our top support articles are:

  1. Optical Network Terminals (ONTs): This article contains information to help identify the different onsite equipment that fibre installers provide, and explain the meaning of the different status lights on each piece of equipment.
  2. N4L Web Filtering Overview: This article provides an overview of N4L’s Web Filtering (Cisco Cloud Web Security service).
  3. Email: Mail Relay: This article provides the Outgoing Mail Server settings required for a user to configure the N4L Mail Relay as their mail server; for scan-to-email, monitoring services (alert emails), SMS (Student Management System) notifications and other scenarios.
  4. Secure Website Inspection (SWI): An overview of how HTTPS works and how Secure Website Inspection (SWI) can help establish more secure online environment.
  5. How to use Telnet (to Check the Status of Ports): This article explains how to check whether or not ports are open (using the Telnet application).

It’s early days and we’re excited about the potential of our latest support offering. School’s have been telling us in our surveys and visits that if we build it, they will come. We did, now it’s time to come and check it out; it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Over to you.



Just for fun, I’ve referenced/quoted (ahem, misquoted) FIVE films in this blog. Do you know them? Leave your comments below. Answers will be revealed in the Support Hub community, so go on… sign up, ask questions, find solutions and share your knowledge.


  1. Mark Chang

    If we build it, they will come => Field of Dreams (1989)

    Wall Street => Money Never Sleeps (2010)

    Do you want answers? Do you think you’re entitled? I get it; you want the truth. => A Few Good Men (1992)

    • Greg Duff

      Nice work Mark – 3 out of 5 ain’t bad!

      Any other guesses out there?

  2. David Graham

    it’s the stuff dreams are made of- Maltese Falcon (1941)

    Let’s break it down – Pink Panther? (2006)

  3. Michaelene Nu'u

    It’s the stuff dreams are made of – The Maltese Falcon

  4. Shaun

    Everything is very open with a clear clarification of the challenges.
    It was really informative. Your website is extremely helpful.
    Thank you for sharing!


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