Supporting NCEA Online 2020

We’ve partnered with NZQA to offer a free assessment of a school’s network readiness to ensure students have the best and safest online exam experience.  We call this a ‘Network Assurance Check‘ (NAC) and they’ll be taking place in August.

Network Assurance Check

The Network Assurance Check will assess the performance of the school’s network equipment, the general internet speed, and identify any ‘dead spots’ where there is no connectivity. We’ll also review the network’s security and what contingency systems are in place to minimise disruption during the exam period.

Following the assessment, we’ll provide schools and their external IT partners with a Findings Report, outlining improvements that can be made ahead of exams to improve the security and efficiency of your network, so they can focus on delivering a positive online exam experience.

Who completes the Network Assurance Check?

Schools will have the choice of asking N4L to engage with their school IT lead, their school’s existing external IT partner or, if the school doesn’t have an appropriate person, we will organise one of N4L’s trusted IT partners who will work with the school to complete the assessment.

Exam time support

During exams, N4L will monitor network performance, offering real-time support for every school via its Helpdesk.

Any questions?

Please feel free to contact us at 

N4L IT Partners

Aiscorp Ltd
Cyclone Computer Company Ltd
Fusion Networks Ltd
Glenn Cook Technologies Ltd
New Era IT Ltd



Our School Ltd
pcMedia Technologies Ltd
Smart Computer Systems Ltd